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We have just completed the 2015 Music on the Town and it was our best season ever.  

We provided seven nights of exceptional entertainment and it was very well received from folks not only in Dandridge, but in many surrounding states.  We know we had people from Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, New York, California and Pennsylvania, along with many from surrounding counties.


In looking forward to another season in 2016, we are asking that you consider including Music on the Town in your budget.  The sponsor board is being redesigned for next year and will be on display during the entire event.  In addition to the sponsor board, you will be listed in the insert in the Standard Banner that will be published in August.  This was one of our best marketing pieces ever.  We are working with other newspapers to have a similar insert in their papers.  The website will be expanded with a sponsor page where you will be listed, your logo will be featured, and a link to your website can be included.  There will also be an "accommodations and specials" page where you may list any specials that you may offer during the event.


The bands are being booked for 2016 and include Balsam Range, Trinity River Band, Cody Shular & Pine Mountain Railroad, Flat Lonesome, Michael Cleveland & Flamekeepers, and, of course, The Tams.  We have one more night that we are deciding between two groups and will advise later.  They were both here this year and many have requested they come back next year.

All we need at this point is your commitment - we will contact you for payment after July 1, 2016.

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Sponsorship levels:

$5,000.00 - sponsor of a specific night

$2,500.00 - co-sponsorship of a specific night

$1,000.00 - sponsorship of sound for a specific night

$500.00 - sponsorship of the event in general